Team Values

 The project team comprised of industry leaders in both construction and architecture, have collectively decided upon some shared values. These project values act as guiding principles in how the site is developed. It is our commitment to the surrounding community to uphold the following values throughout the duration of the project.   

Project Values:


  • Achieving collaboration and trust through the use of communication, engaged listening, and providing a safe environment considering the public’s input
  • Nurturing and fostering a trusting environment where team members feel that they can express themselves through open, honest, transparent inclusive communication 
  • An engaged and collaborative approach between team members resulting in strong relationships and promoting opportunities for each team member to develop
  • Fostering positive relationships and communication by engaging the community in an open dialogue 
  • Working collaboratively and proactively to solve problems, minimize re-work and achieve target goal

Project Team


Construction manager:


Development manager:


Consultant, architect, and engineer:


Development partner: